Who is Elizabeth Anderson Martin? Biography, Husband, Career, Net Worth


Elizabeth Anderson Martin established herself as a professional photographer, digital artist, and horse trainer. She made her on-screen debut in E! True Hollywood Story, and later starred in Life Beyond Trek with William Shatner.

While her first marriage didn’t work out, she continued her performing on the small screen. Here are some things you should know about Elizabeth Anderson Martin.


Elizabeth Anderson Martin Career

Born Elizabeth Anderson Martin on December 30, 1958, she is an American actor and horse trainer. While studying Animal Science at Purdue University, she found that she had a passion for horses. She began riding horses when she was only five years old, and by the age of 14 was already competing in equestrian events.


Since then, she has been training horses professionally and is also an artist and a photographer. Though she doesn’t disclose her personal details, Elizabeth Anderson Martin is known to be a talented digital artist and a photographer.

Growing up among the horses and nature, Elizabeth developed a love for animals and decided to become a horse trainer. She began riding horses at a young age, and at eight she had her first pony. When she was 14, she was able to compete in judging competitions and horseback riding.

She continued training as she reached adulthood, earning a degree in equine and animal science at Purdue University. In 2011, she became a member of the Governor’s Advisory Board for the World Equestrian Games.

American television personality, Elizabeth Anderson Martin, is a huge fan of horses. The actress and equestrian has a love for horses and has been involved in horsing for years.

Her passion for horsing started when she was a young child and at age eight, she was given her first horse. Her love for horses is apparent in her career and her personal life. She is a good photographer and an art lover.

Elizabeth Anderson Martin Husband

Before her marriage to William Shatner, Elizabeth Anderson Martin worked in an unnoticed career. Elizabeth and William met while both were grieving the deaths of their previous partners. Their love for horses bonded them and they began their courtship together.

Elizabeth also studied equestrian disciplines and was a professional horse trainer before making a career out of art. She married Shatner in 2000. Despite being married to one of Hollywood’s most popular actors, Elizabeth Anderson Martin’s passion for horses is her true calling.

Actor William Shatner’s fourth marriage ended in divorce after only 18 years of marriage. Before the marriage, Elizabeth Anderson Martin had dated actor Chris Boshuizen and actress Audrey Powers. In recent years, she had been dating actress Audrey Powers.

Although they divorced in 2011, they are still on good terms and often reunite. Although Elizabeth Shatner filed for divorce four times, she remains on good terms with her former husband.

Actor William Shatner married actress Elizabeth Anderson Martin four times, beginning in 1982. She later divorced her first husband, Michael Gleen Martin, in 1997. During this time, Shatner married actress Elizabeth Anderson Martin in Lebanon.

The two married for 18 years and had three children, though Shatner did not bear any biological children with her. After Shatner’s first marriage, Elizabeth Anderson Martin has been married to three other men.

Elizabeth Anderson Shatner married two men in her life before meeting William Shatner. Her first marriage ended in divorce when Michael Gleen Martin died suddenly in 1997, and the actress was left single for almost four years.

The divorced actress met Shatner while recovering from her grief. The two were friends who shared the same love for horses. They became more than friends, as they dated for several years, although they never had children together.

Elizabeth Anderson Martin Net Worth

The former wife of William Shatner has a net worth of $10 million – $15 millions dollars. She received 2 million dollars in prenuptial settlement as well as equine equipment for breeding horses.

Elizabeth Anderson Martin has a stunning look. She has light grey eyes and stands at 5 feet 9 inches. She has a brown hair and light grey eyes. She has been involved in horse racing since she was a child.

Her career

Elizabeth Anderson Martin has an interesting career. She married the famous actor William Shatner in 2001 and has been active in the entertainment industry ever since. She has starred in documentaries like The Captains and Gonzo Ballet.

She has also collaborated with her husband for songs such as ‘Together’ on his album. She also has a beautiful look and is 5’9″ tall. Her career is not yet over, but she’s definitely on her way to becoming one of the most influential people in the industry.

Prior to marrying Shatner, Elizabeth Anderson Martin enjoyed a successful career as a digital artist, horse trainer, and photographer. Her first on-screen role was in the 2002 film E! True Hollywood Story.

The following year, she appeared in Life Beyond Trek, a biopic of William Shatner. Although she never became famous, she has continued to do acting. Listed below are some of her best known films.

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