After graduating from medical school, Dr. Morse became a pediatrician in Boston, Massachusetts, and then worked as a resident for the Howard Hiatt Global Health Equity Fellowship.

During this time, she traveled to places like Haiti and Rwanda to help improve health care. She helped coordinate Partners In Health’s earthquake relief efforts in Haiti.

She also fought cholera and worked on women’s health projects. Her work in Haiti led to her launching the nonprofit EqualHealth, which she founded to help women and children access affordable, quality health care.

As a medical student, Morse spent two years in Haiti as a Howard Hiatt Global Health Equity resident. She also traveled to Rwanda and Botswana and conducted clinical trials in both countries.

In addition, she worked for a nonprofit in Haiti, coordinating emergency care for the earthquake victims. She also participated in a cholera epidemic and helped organize health projects for women in the country.

Following her residency, Morse volunteered with the organization EqualHealth, which is focused on training the next generation of Haitian health care professionals. She also serves as the course director of the social medicine immersion course, which has been held in Haiti every July since 2013.

Her biography describes her career path and contributions in Haitian health care.

If you are interested in learning more about Dr. Michelle Morse’s background, you should read her bio and see if she is one of the most influential women in the field of medicine.


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