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Donoteat01 is an American YouTuber and podcaster best known for his political commentary on the city-building video game Cities.


Donoteat01 uses his gaming platform to explain real-world politics and how it impacts infrastructure. He is a host of, Well There’s Your Problem, a podcast which discusses engineering disasters using slides.

Justin Roczniak, better known as donoteat01 was born in the United States of America. He has not disclosed his date of birth, exact place of birth and early life details to the general public. Regarding his family background, Donoteat01 has not revealed any information regarding his biological father, mother or siblings. Therefore, it is not known whether he has any siblings or not.

There is no detailed information regarding Donoteat01’s educational background, however, in terms of academic qualifications, Roczniak is a structural engineer and has a degree in civil engineering.

Justin Roczniak owns and operates a YouTube channel donoteat01. He uploaded his first video onto YouTube in June 2018. The video was a trailer for his upcoming project on Cities Skylines, Franklin. In July 2018, Donoteat01 uploaded the first video of his second series, Cities Skylines: Power, Politics, & Planning, using the game to explain politics.

Donoteat01 subsequently made two videos on history, Black Wall Street and Killdozer. He started a different series, Radical Urbanisation, however, he stopped uploading videos in October 2020. He is the host of the podcast, Well There’s Your Problem podcast, which started out as an offshoot of his YouTube channel.

Donoteat01 Instagram

Donoteat01 does not have any active and officially recognized Instagram account.

Donoteat01 Twitter

Donoteat01 does not have any active and officially recognized Twitter account. However, his podcast, “Well There’s Your Problem”, has an active Twitter account with the username (@wtyppod) where she has 36.3k followers.

What happened to donoteat01?

Donoteat01 has gone out of sight in recent times. However, he is currently into doing podcasts instead of gameplay videos. He is the host of the podcast, Well There’s Your Problem podcast.

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