Don Lemon Biography – A Brief Bio and Personal History of the American Television Anchor


Don Lemon Biography is the best way to know more about this American television journalist. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Lemon later anchored weekend news shows in Pennsylvania and Alabama. As an early journalist, he specialized in breaking news and political issues. The following is a detailed biography of Don Lemon. This will give you an idea of how he came to become one of the most influential television journalists. You will also learn more about his early career.

Before joining CNN, Don Lemon was working as a broadcast journalist. He attended City University of New York-Brooklyn College and graduated in 2004. His birthday is 1 March and he is approximately two or three weeks away from turning 55. Don Lemon started his career as a news assistant at WNYW, a Fox News affiliate. In the following years, he worked for other broadcast stations, including WBRC-TV and KTVI-TV. He also appeared in the movie Zoolander 2 (2016).


After graduating from the University of Alabama, Don Lemon spent his time working for local TV stations, including KTVI in St. Louis and WBRC in Birmingham. His first job was with NBC, where he worked as a reporter and anchor for Today and NBC Nightly News. He also had a stint as a nighttime news host on the show Weekend Today. He has become a household name due to his work, and he lives happily with his fiancee, Tim Malone, and two dogs.

Don Lemon’s mother was a prominent figure in his life. He has many relatives that are unknown to him. He is very close with his mother, but there is no record of his father’s paternal side. Don Lemon is one of the most popular news anchors in the world. You can read more about Don Lemon in his biography below. Don Meyer’s Bio – A Brief Bio and Personal History of the American Television Anchor


Don Lemon has a rich family history and a rich background in broadcast journalism. His parents fought against racial discrimination in Baton Rouge. Don Richardson was born under his stepfather’s name and was only revealed as his biological father when he was five years old. Don Lemon’s parents were very supportive of their son and wanted to make sure he was happy. Aside from his mother and his father, he also supported their children by reading books and playing video games.

Don Lemon is a native of Louisiana. He attended Brooklyn College and graduated from there in 1996. He was a sports reporter in his younger days, and he interned at a sports station. In addition to being a professional broadcast journalist, Don Lemon has worked as an investigative reporter at various local and national television stations. While in college, he interned at NBC affiliates in Chicago, St. Louis, and Philadelphia.

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