Does Stephen Colbert have a brother?

Does Stephen Colbert have a brother?

American writer, actor and the host of The Late Show, Stephen Colbert is one of the eleven children born to medical doctor, James William Colbert and Lorna Elizabeth (Tuck) . He is the youngest child and the sixth son.

Stephen Colbert was born in Washington DC, USA and lived there with his entire family for the greatest part of his youth. His brothers are William, Jay, Edward, Paul and the famous Thomas Colbert. They are of Irish descent and all but Stephen have the Irish accent.

The comedian revealed that he decided at a very young age that he did not want to have his native accent and deliberately drained it out of his speech.

All the Colbert siblings, except Peter and Paul, are alive and are all pursuing different careers and professions. The only other well known Colbert brother is the writer, producer and consultant, Thomas “Tom” Colbert.

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