Does Dana Perino have any children?


The persona of Dana Perino is intriguing. About her, there is a lot more to say. This article examines her personal life, including her marriage, children, and family. Continue reading

The host of Fox television and her spouse, Peter McMahon, are childless. Peter does, however, have a son named Barry and a daughter named Kelly from one of his prior marriages.


Since 1998, the commentator has been wed to Peter McMahon. In 1996, they crossed paths on a Denver-Chicago flight. Peter was then employed by a medical company as a pharmaceutical sales representative.

Peter asked Perino if she wanted him to put her bag on the storage rack as they were the last two passengers to board the vehicle.


The host of Fox News claims to have thought Peter was quite attractive and that she adored his British accent. She also observed that he was missing his wedding ring.

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