Does Dana Perino have a sister?


Do you want to know if Dana Perino is an only child or if she has siblings? You can discover the solutions by reading this article. We investigate her personal life.

Dana Perino, a Fox News anchor, works there. She co-hosts “America’s Newsroom” with Bill Hemmer every weekday morning, and she also takes part in “The Five” as a panelist.


mother’s Instagram post. She wed Ben Machock in 2012. Angie Perino posted a throwback picture from her

A mother posted on Instagram that her daughter will be 46 in March 2022. In 2012, she wed Ben Machock. On Instagram in 2021, Angie Perino shared a throwback photo from her nuptials.


Angie Perino made the decision to pursue a career in healthcare in the same direction as her mother. According to her LinkedIn profile, she has been employed by Experian Health as of the time of this writing for more than ten years.

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