Does Armie Hammer have tattoos?


We are examining Armie Hammer to see if he enjoys getting inked. We want to discover the nature of tattoos he has on his body. If this subject appeals to you, you’ve come to the right place.

After coming back from the Cayman Islands, Armie Hammer has been spending time in Southern California. The scandalized actor was spotted on Tuesday sporting two new tattoos as the shocking allegations from the “House of Hammer” documentary came to light.


Hammer, who has been the subject of a “cannibal” scandal since January 2021, was spotted at a hotel poolside sporting new triangular tattoos.

The 35-year-old had a large, inverted triangle tattooed in the center of his chest, and a second triangle tattooed in a similar fashion on his forearm.


A line runs through the triangle on the forearm ink. The former represents water in alchemy, while the latter represents air.

The first trailer for “House of Hammer,” an episode of discovery+’s streaming service that “chronicles the deeply troubling accusations leveled against critically acclaimed actor Armie Hammer and the dark, twisted legacy of the Hammer dynasty,” was unveiled on Wednesday.

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