Do DMX have twins?


In search of information about the American rapper? You are in the proper location. DMX and Pebbles Junell welcomed two adorable twins into the world.


Aidyn and K’ydn Simmons, DMX’s twins, made their public appearance on Sunday during their late father’s memorial service and subsequent Homegoing Celebration.

Pebbles Junell, the mother of Aidyn and K’ydn, joined them in honoring the late legendary rapper.


Pebbles and DMX welcomed the Simmons twins on December 5, 2019. K’dyn, one of the twins, was born with the disorder.

Pebbles wrote on Instagram, “I remember getting the news that one or both twins could possibly have trisomy21 when I was five months pregnant. “Trisomy 21 moms know that having a child with Down syndrome can initially be one of the hardest parts,”

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