Do DMX have a brother?


Looking for facts about the American rapper? You’re at the right place. DMX does have siblings. We seek to answer the question whether there is a brother among them. If there is, how many?

DMX revealed in an interview with GQ that he has four sisters. While they may have shared the same mother, Arnett Simmons, it is unknown if any of them were fathered by DMX’s father, Joe Barker.


The rapper may have siblings on his father’s side as well, but this is unknown. Bonita and Shayla Simmons are his two older sisters.

However, little information about them is available online, and there is no mention of his other two siblings, as mentioned in the interview.


His mother gave birth to him between the ages of 19 and 20, and at the time, Bonita was already two years old, and Shayla was close in age to her, given that she had them in such a short period of time. Except for their names and relationship to the late rapper, little is known about them.

It turn out true that DMX has four siblings. Bonita and Shayla, his elderly sisters are well known in the media space while nothing has been said about the other two. They names and gender is not known at the moment

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