Did You Fail NTC licensure Exams Again? Here Is What You Must Do!

Can you imagine a mathematics teacher failing Numeracy in  NTC licensure exams?

Failing your resit licensure exams can be very frustrating, Simply because you must wait for another year to get your permanent posting as a teacher with the Ghana education service.

In this article, we highlight key things you should be doing once you failed your resit licensure exams or could not pass any of the papers till now.

You failing NTC licensure exams does not mean you would not be posted, once you redeem yourself, you would be posted.

All you have to do is to learn and write the exams, pass all the NTC exams, and get posted.

Here is a trick to passing NTC licensure.

Passing NTC licensure exams is an easy thing provided you prepare properly, thus learning the write things.

Guide to passing NTC Exams

Here are past questions to guide you as you prepare to write your NTC exams again.

All hope is not lost when you fail NTC exams.

Here is how to register for the next licensure exams

NTC Licensure Exams

How can I get NTC certificate online?

National Teaching Council ( NTC ) Official Website: https://ntc.gov.gh/ NTC Portal For Colleges: https://college.ntc.gov.gh/ NTC Certificate Request Portal ; https://exams.ntc.gov.gh/results

How do I get my NTC certificate?

Detailed Procedures To Access And Print Your NTC Licensure Exams Certificate 2020 / 2021
Login to exams.ntc.gov.gh and click on “Result Checking”
Enter the Serial Number and PIN on the voucher payment receipt given to you at the bank during the registration process, to login.

What is NTC in Ghana?

The National Teaching Council is mandated by the Education Act 2008 (Act 778), Section 9 to improve the professional standing and status of teachers and to ensure licensing and registration of teachers in Ghana.

What is teacher licensure exams in Ghana?

Purpose of the Licensure Examination

The NTC is mandated by the Education Act 2008 (ACT 778), Section 9, to license teachers in Ghana. The purpose of the Licensing Examination is to enable candidates (teachers) to acquire a professional license.

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