Pauley Perrette is very much still alive and healthy. Rumours spread all over social media that the actress had died. And while many fans refused to believe it because it had not been officially broadcasted on any major channel, many others jumped right onto it and soon it was on the latest topic on everyone’s lips.

Reps of Pauley Perrette however officially addressed the public regarding the fake news that was circulating. “She’s still alive and well, stop believing what you see on the internet.” They cautioned the public.

Pauley is not the first celebrity to fall victim to this hoax. Many other influential people have had this type of distressing news spread about them as well.

After the truth came out, many fans of the CBS TV star took to social media to express their extreme anger and displeasure about it. Others on the other hand were just glad that it turned out to be false and their favorite movie star was alive and safe.


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