Did Jackson Hole in Bayside Close ?


Did Jackson Hole in Bayside close because of the COVID virus? That’s a question that plagued the Greek restaurant, and it’s one that has a new home right next door. The original Astoria location, 35-01 Bell Blvd., did not close for the virus, but its management told news site QNS that it was facing serious business problems. The manager says that while the Astoria location was not at risk during the pandemic, the Jackson Hole site in Bayside was.

While Jackson Hole doesn’t have a formal menu, it offers a variety of delicious dishes, as well as a bar area. The place is staffed by friendly and helpful people, who will make you feel welcome. You can also use the Menuism website to contribute to the Jackson Hole menu and post pictures.


The Jackson Hole Cafe also offers a bacon cheeseburger. While the burgers are not as thick or as big as those at Bell Blvd, you’ll enjoy the classic burger at this cafe. A few of the differences between the two locations are the size of the bun and the thickness of the patty. However, if you’re not into burgers, you can opt for the burger with bacon instead of the cheese.

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