Daniel Sahad, the lead singer of the Austin band Nané, passed away on Sunday night. He is a 29-year-old man.

On Monday, the news was shared on the band’s social media platforms.

Daniel Sahad Cause of death

Sahad and his band, a supersonic five-piece that has created small funk and soul wonders and is at the top of the 2022 Austin Artists List, are the emerging stars of Austin’s music scene.

From the vaults: Nané, with her powerful voice and ecstatic heart, could be Austin’s next breakout star.

Nané’s latest appearances include a New Year’s Eve debut at Empire with Blk Odyssy, a Q2 Stadium appearance during last year’s Austin FC season, and the grand launch of the Austin City Limits event in 2021.

Sahad and his band performed at City Hall last week, where the Austin City Council declared April 7 as “Nane Day.” It was the first exhibition held indoors since the outbreak.

The band has finished their first national tour, opening for Galactic, a funk band. The band’s self-titled debut album’s producer, drummer John Speice, stated Sunday night that they “came up and broke it pretty hard,” delivering amazing performances in major markets across the country.

Who is Daniel Sahad?

Sahad was born in the Dominican Republic to immigrant families and grew up in Lebanon and Amarillo, Texas, in the Panhandle. He fought with depression throughout his life, he told The Statesman in 2020. Despite the fact that Spanish is his native language, his accent stood him different from his family while traveling in the Democratic Republic of Congo. “You often grew up in North Texas as one of the only brown kids in town,” he added, and he encountered “the overt and subtle bigotry you often confronted as one of the only brown kids in town.”

In the year 2020, he found he could “truly influence people’s thoughts” and get them to “view life through my lens” by using the power of words.

“I’ve been composing speeches, songs, and other things like that since I was a little boy because words are so powerful and, when used correctly, can change everything,” he remarked.

At the University of Texas, Sahad met Nané co-founder and guitarist Ian Green, and the two formed such a deep musical and emotional bond that Sahad dropped out of medical school to pursue music.

Green introduced Sahad to his future father-in-law, Speth, as the band prepared to record their first album. By signing the project, the seasoned drummer, who has played with Grupo Fantasma and Brownout, thought he was doing his daughter’s boyfriend a favor. Speth, on the other hand, was astonished by Sahad’s “effortless four octaves” when he first heard him sing.

“I was just thinking to myself, ‘This is something extremely amazing.'” “It’s not an ordinary (expression), it’s a unique one,” Speth explained.

Nané’s former keyboard player JaRon Marshall remarked Monday in Nashville, where he performed with Black Pumas at the Country Music Television Awards, that “he can have the strongest voice, but he can also play this gorgeous falsetto.” He claimed the voice matched “a person who may also be a teddy bear” wonderfully.

Marshall, who joined Sahad’s band in 2018, described the band’s combination of funk and soul as “liberating.” It was the best band he had ever been a part of at the time.

He stated, “It just inspired me.” His professionalism and determination also pleased Sahad. Sahad was the first Austin musician he encountered who wrote “Los Angeles,” he claimed. Getting closer to the industrial aspect of music.

Sahad considers marketing and advertising from a strategic standpoint. After the 2020 coronavirus epidemic decimated the music industry, he used videos and short clips to increase interest in the band’s work, and the band gained national exposure by making a video submission to the NPR Tiny Desk Contest in a laundry.

Brittany Howard, a singer-songwriter, named the band’s “Blue Velvet” video as one of her favorite contributions of the year.

“I’m head over heels in love with this guy.” The singer knows no bounds. In an NPR video, Howard remarked of her favorite song from the competition, “He just loves himself and feels himself.” “This guy inspired me, and I wanted to share that enthusiasm with everyone, and I believe that this energy should spread throughout the world.”

“His demeanor is very vibrant,” said Speth, who added that Sahad has a “unique attraction” that attracts people. He possesses the uncommon ability to create personal connections with tens of thousands of viewers. He has an uncanny ability to make random strangers feel like his greatest friends.

Speice presented Nané to Rick McNulty, Music Director of Austin public radio station KUTX 98.9 FM, once the album was finished.

“Right from the start, we believed in them.” We fully expected them to go viral across the United States and the rest of the world. “It just seemed like they had a particular component, magic,” McNulty remarked on Monday. Sahad, he believes, is a charming frontman with a remarkable vocal range and compositional abilities. This group possesses all of the necessary ingredients for success.


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