Rapper CPO Boss Hogg inheritance: who takes all his money?

CPO Boss Hogg Inheritance

ON January 13, 2022 rapper CPO Boss Hogg reportedly ‘died’.

The Death Row Record rapper’s real name was Vince Edwards, his cousin reported that he had died.

CPO Boss Hogg Inheritance

With no details about his wife or ex-wife in the public domain, fans and netizens can only wonder about who will be eligible to inherit all the money CPO Boss Hog left behind.

From our findings, it is obvious the late rapper has not shared many details about his personal life with the public, currently, we do not know if he had any child, but it had then that child will be entitled to a percentage of his worth.

Again, if CPO Boss Hogg had a pet, that pet may be eligible to receive part of the fortunes he left behind.

As it is now, only the attorney for the rapper can give an official comment about how the late rapper’s fortunes will be shared.

Who was rapper CPO Boss Hogg?

Vincent Edwards professionally known by his stage name CPO Boss Hogg, was an American rapper from Compton, California.

He began his career as a founding member of the hip hop group Capital Punishment Organization in 1989 under the moniker Lil’ Nation. The group released their only album before splitting up in 1991.

Who Was Rapper CPO Boss Hogg?
Who Was Rapper CPO Boss Hogg?-image credit-the sun

CPO Boss Hogg’s work with 2pac

The late rapper also worked with the ultra-famous rap group N.W.He was featured on tracks such as Findum, F**kem, and Flee by N.W.A.

In a previous interview, Hogg spoke on the rapper Tupac.

“Pac did more for me than anybody else,” he said.

Boss Hogg said that he was compensated $37,000 for the song with Tupac and that it was one of the highlights of his career.

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