Cooper Noriega Parents: Meet His Family

Cooper Noriega Parents

Cooper Noriega was a TikTok celebrity noted for his quick wit and glow-in-the-dark shorts. Unfortunately, the Tiktoker’s death has prompted many of his fans to inquire about his love life and girlfriend.

Noriega died barely a few hours after posting a TikTok video in which he stated that if someone believes they will die young, they are mistaken.

The Tiktoker claimed that he has been practicing medicine since he was nine years old.

However, his death is suspected to be due to an overdose; however, a police investigation is underway to rule out any foul play.

Nonetheless, the death of one of their favorite influencers has grieved followers.

Who are Cooper Noriega’s Parents?

Mr. Noriega, His father is a businessman by profession, and Mrs. Noriega, Cooper Noriega’s mother, is a homemaker.

Cooper Noreiga’s Family

Not much is not known about his extended family, once we get some data, we will share

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