CNN Net Worth – Scottie Nell Hughes


CNN news anchor Scottie Nell Hughes is worth a reported $1.3 million, according to Forbes. The multi-faceted journalist has earned her fortune in a variety of ways, including acting, producing shows, and even defending the right to bear arms on Piers Morgan Live. Her career began as an executive producer on the Steve Gill Show in Nashville, and she went on to produce shows for Rusty Humphries, Michael Berry, and Mark Skoda.

The media mogul earned a reported $150,000 annually during her tenure on CNN. However, she was sued by her ex-husband and fired by Fox News for stating that she was raped by Fox News Channel host Charles Payne in 2016. The lawsuit was settled out of court, and she is now enjoying her life as a homemaker with her husband, Chris Hughes. She is also the mother of two children, who have helped her increase her net worth.


Prior to joining CNN, Hughes was a news director for the Tea Party News Network and also worked as a political commentator. After that, she moved to Fox Business Network as a regular guest contributor. She has been married to Chris Hughes since 2011, and they have two children together. As of this writing, her net worth is estimated to be around $1.3 million. It is unclear whether she has a daughter or son, but her networth is expected to rise.

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