CNN Net Worth – Columnist and Writer Matt Lewis


The net worth of Matt Lewis is estimated to be about $70 million, and his salary is averaging at $110,000 a year. He has many years of experience in the media, including being a columnist for Your Beast and being married. He has two children, one of whom is born in 2002. His wife is also a writer and a columnist for The Daily Beast. Her husband is a former NBA player and his CNN Networth is comparable to hers.

After completing his senior year at Shepherd College, Matt Lewis wrote for Politics everyday and began his career as an editor. His book, Too Dumb to Fail, is about how the Republican Party abandoned its conservative roots during the Reagan administration, and how they need to reclaim them. He has appeared on CNN as a political commentator and has also published several books. His Net Worth is estimated at $1 million. Despite being an accomplished writer and columnist, he is a man of modest means, earning $98,000 a year from his career.


As a columnist for The Daily Beast and a political blogger, Matt Lewis has earned more than $1 million. In 2011, he worked as an editor of a book called The Quotable Rogue. His book Too Dumb to Fail is about how the GOP betrayed the Republican Revolution and has strayed from its principles. In addition to his work on CNN, Lewis has appeared on other media outlets such as the Washington Post, Roll Call, and The Telegraph. In addition to his writings, he has also appeared on several television shows, including The Daily Beast and C-SPAN.

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