CNN International Net Worth – Emily Reuben


Emily Reuben is one of the most popular and successful news anchors on CNN. She has an estimated net worth of $500,000. She began her career as a reporter for ITV News in the year 2000. After working there for three and a half years, she joined Channel 4 News. In 2010, she became a reporter for CNN and reported mainly on business and sports. In addition to her work on CNN, Emily has her own blog.

Reuben has been an active journalist for a long time. She has been known for her coverage of health care issues and has also built her own company. Her net worth is expected to grow by the end of 2021. Her contributions to the world of journalism have made her a household name. Reuben was never married before marrying her husband, and she has not publicly discussed her personal life. She married her husband Nick Crossley in 2007, but they have not released details about their relationship.


Reuben was born in the 1970’s and grew up in South Hampstead. She attended South Hampstead High School and later attended St. Hugh’s College, which is part of Oxford University. There, she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Modern History with honors and did not have any side effects. Reuben has a net worth of approximately $5 million. She is a popular television personality and a very popular presenter for CNN.

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