Ciara and Russell Wilson surprise their children with a visit from a masked-up Santa and Mrs. Claus on Christmas

Ciara and partner Russell Wilson pulled out all the stops on the weekend for the Christmas party with Santa and their entire family.

The 36-year old singer and the quarterback of 33 years shared an adorable family photo on Instagram featuring Santa Mrs. Claus, and their children Future Seven, Sienna, four, and Win one.


To ensure that the children are as secure as feasible, Santa arrived from the North Pole wearing a mask to shield children from the new coronavirus.

Sienna is a match for her mother, wearing red, and Future looked stylish in blue, and the little Win was a standout in bright yellow pajamas.

The pop star also posted a photo of her family smiling, with her children, seated in Santa along with his lady.

Ciara And Russell Wilson Surprise Their Children With A Visit From A Masked-Up Santa And Mrs. Claus On Christmas

“Love, Joy, and Laughter are all we require. Happy Christmas to you and your family! Ciara posted a caption and also included a tag for Russell.

In the video accompanying it, the author documented how excited the children were as Santa arrived.

Future She, who has a relationship with the rapper with the same name The rapper was elated and covered his mother’s face when he saw the present-giver of the season walking up to their spiral staircase.

The kids had one-on-one time with him prior to opening their Christmas gifts.

Ciara also included photos of the impeccable family’s decorations for the holidays and their cream stockings.