Christine Jacob CNN Philippines Net Worth


If you are wondering how much Christine Jacob CNN Philippines Net worth is, you’re not alone. The well-known anchor isn’t shy about talking about her money. In fact, she has a large net-worth due to her career in the journalism industry. After all, she has been an anchor since 1994, which means that her net-worth will continue to rise over time. Here’s a look at how much she is worth today.

Born April 30, 1967, Christine Jacob has a net worth of $10 million. She makes a living from her television work and acting, which has increased her net worth over the past two years. As a newscaster for CNN Philippines, she is a popular TV personality, and her wealth is rapidly increasing. Her income sources primarily come from her acting work, but her accumulated fortune is estimated to have grown over the past few years.


Aside from her TV work, Christine Jacob is an actress and newscaster. She joined CNN in 1990, and was able to establish a solid career as an actor within a very short period of time. Her fame grew in tandem with her popularity, and her net worth was further enhanced when she was named as a Leading Women contributor for the network. Her enviable net worth has increased over the years, and she is continuing to gain more attention for her work.

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