Christian Glass cause of death-Obituary, Memorial service + Funeral

A terrifying bodycam video of a New Zealand man being shot dead by police captured his final moments.

In a June incident, a guy named Christian Glass called the police for roadside help after his automobile got trapped in a shrub.

Despite his pleading for assistance and his hands forming the signs of the heart, the 22-year-old was shot and killed.

In Denver, Colorado, Glass was shot five times after he requested assistance from the cops to relocate his car, according to The Daily Mail. Christian allegedly turned “argumentative and uncooperative,” according to the officers, who added that he had attempted to knife an officer in defense of their conduct. On the other hand, Glass’s parents criticized the police and demanded an investigation.

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According to the autopsy results, Glass was shot to death. He was reported to have THC,.01 percent blood alcohol content, and amphetamine in his system; the latter substance may have come from his ADHD medication.

According to the body cam footage released by Clear Creek County Sheriff’s Office, Glass refused to get out of his car saying he was scared as officers yelled at him to exit the vehicle.

“Please, push me out, drag me out, I’ll follow you to a police station,” Glass told the officers, adding, “I’m so scared.” At one point the young Kiwi man can be seen praying with folded hands and saying, “Dear Lord, please, don’t let them break the window.”
Christian had initially called 911 admitting he had weapons on him but that explained he would get rid of them when police will arrive. “I have a weapon on me, I will throw them out the window as soon as an officer gets here.

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I have two knives, and a hammer, and a rubber mallet, I guess that is a weapon. I am not dangerous. I will keep my hands completely visible.”   


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