Chris Cillizza Net Worth


In May 2017, CNN hired Chris Chirs to join their team as an editor-at-large and political analyst. His writing has focused on American electoral politics, and his weekly Fic live chats have become some of the most popular content on the network. Since joining CNN, Chirs has grown in popularity and has built up a large net worth for himself. His salary ranges from $48,000 to $52,000 per year.

During his early career, Chris Cillizza was heavily involved in politics, and worked as a reporter for The Washington Post. He also co-hosted the MySpace/MTV Presidential Dialogues, where he moderated the debate between Barack Obama and John McCain. In addition, he also appeared in several Mouthpiece Theater videos, which were criticized for choosing Hillary Clinton as the Democratic presidential candidate. After public outcry, the show was canceled.


After working at The Washington Post for 10 years, Cillizza left the newspaper to start his own blog, “The Fix.” His blog was successful and Matthews established himself as an expert on fast analysis. He also became a political contributor to MSNBC for eight years, as well as a columnist for Cook Political Report and Roll Call. He later joined CNN and began earning an impressive salary. The Washington Post and CNN have also provided him with a platform to further expand his career.

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