Check WAEC results 2022/2023

The 2022/2023 WAEC results can be checked by following the procedure below.

1. Buy a scratch card from a requisite vendor.

2. Visit

3. Enter your index number

4. Select year of Examination (2018/2021)

5. Select the type of examination

6. Enter the serial number and the PIN on the scratch card.

7. Click on enter and your results will be displayed.

How to Check WAEC results 2021

Follow the same steps above on how to check WAEC results 2022/2023

Free WASSCE results checker

Checking of WASSCE results follow the same process above but it can be checked through SMS which doesn’t cost that much. The difference between the two is that, you can print your results when you check it online with the scratch card whilst the SMS can’t be printed. Follow the steps below on how to check WASSCE results through SMS.

1. Type the required details (WAEC,Index number, Pin, Year of Examination) to the short code 32327 in this format WAEC*Index number*PIN*Year of Examination

2. Your results will be sent to you through SMS after the process. 2021 results checker

Check the steps above on how to check your WASSCE results using the SMS method or the online method.

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