Chase Linde Allen shooting And Death: What happened?

Chase Linde Allan
Chase Linde Allan

The family of Chase Linde Allan, a 25-year-old Utah man who was fatally shot by police, has accused the city of stonewalling them and refusing to respond to their questions.

Chase Linde Allan shooting And Death

Allan was shot to death in a post office parking lot in Farmington on Wednesday, March 1, and the family’s statement released on Thursday, March 2, describes Allan’s death as a brutal murder and expresses their doubts about the cop’s version of the incident.

According to the family, they have learned more about what occurred from media coverage than anywhere else at the moment. Allan was allegedly shot by police while he was still inside the car with its lights on and engine running. The police officers reportedly shot 12 rounds at him while he was inside the vehicle when reporters arrived.

The family has criticized the police department’s handling of the incident, claiming that officers requested multiple other officers to the scene a couple of blocks prior to the stop. The family’s statement reads, “Officers claim it was a routine traffic stop, yet the officer requested multiple other officers to the scene a couple of blocks prior to the stop. This resulted in the brutal murder of Chase at the hands of 5 Farmington Police officers, with them shooting him while he was still in his automobile and likely terrified for his safety.”

The family has also expressed frustration with the lack of information provided to them by local authorities. They claim they were not properly notified of Allan’s death as next of kin and have not been contacted by authorities or justice departments with information surrounding the investigation. The family described Allan as a person with a “shy and quiet demeanor.” According to the statement, Allan had been studying law and was also a “patriot doing what he could to defend the people’s freedom and liberty.”

The Farmington Police Department released a statement on Thursday, March 2, detailing the events that led to Allan’s death.

The statement reads, “On March 1, 2023, at about 3:22 pm, a Farmington Officer made a traffic stop on a vehicle,” noting that Allan was the vehicle’s only occupant. The statement also stated, “During the stop, the driver became non-compliant with the initial officer.” Matters escalated after the initial officer had to call for backup. “During the confrontation, the initial officer instructed the driver to exit the vehicle, which the driver refused. During an attempt to remove the driver from the vehicle, shots were fired, and the driver was injured. The driver was removed from the vehicle, and medical aid was rendered by officers on the scene,” reads the statement. Allan was taken to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

The investigation into the fatal shooting is ongoing, and the five police officers involved in the incident are currently placed on administrative leave, as per the statement.

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