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Central University, Central University School fees

Do you want to know how much Central University students pay annually as fees? We got you covered in this post!

Central University School Fees 2021/2022 For All Courses

Central University school fees come in different forms, fresh students’ school fees, continuing students’ school fees, international student fees.

Again, Central University fees vary based on the programs you are studying.

Here is an average of the Central University, Central University fees

A student at the Central University pays between GHS1800 to GHS3000 as school fees per year. GHS1800, Lowest and GHS3000 highest. It may vary annually. You may check Central University student portal for adequate information on the school fees structure.

Programs Fees
Undergraduate fees GHS2000+ – GHS3000
Postgraduate fees GHS3000+ – GHS4500
International fees $800 – $3000

Central University fees

The fees in the above table are very general and may vary based on programs as said earlier. Always get enough information from the student portal or your colleagues before proceeding to pay your leg on school fees.

Take note that fees paid cannot be refunded, however, overpaid fees may be used to balance subsequent fees.

Central University Admission Fees |Fresh student school fees

Central University admission fees are the amount paid once you get admitted to the Central University, Central University. Generally, Central University admission fees are higher than normal school fees.

Central University undergraduate Fees

Undergraduate school fees at the Central University, Central University is paid annually and based on the program you studying. Check your student portal to know the exact amount student pursuing your program are paying at your level.

Central University postgraduate fees

Postgraduate students at Central University pay quite higher school fees. Most of their programs require research and particle work hence an increase in their fees.

Postgraduate student should confirm their fees with the administration before paying their fees.

How to pay Central University, Central University fees

To pay the Central University Central University fees, follow instructions on the Central University students portal, all fees are expected to be paid at the bank, and receipt presented to school administration for verification.

Pay Central University Fee

Did you face issues while trying to pay your leg on school fees, contact Central University here.