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Reality TV shows in the United States are our guilty pleasure. Viewers have been obsessed with watching others live their lives or some form of their lives since 1983’s Family Revisited, which subsequently galvanized MTV’s world.

The Bachelor, The Voice, and Survivor all ranked in the top twenty most-watched shows on television last season.

Reality television shows can range from a classic poor-to-riches story to being inspired by incredible weight loss adventures, following someone as they pursue their aspirations, getting an uplifting makeover, or simply living their day-to-day drama-filled lives.

These shows, on the other hand, allow viewers to see the world through the eyes of someone else, albeit for a brief while.

In the parallel universe of reality shows, housewives aren’t required to be wives, the biggest loser is genuinely the winner, and an average-looking guy will have teams of lovely girls vying for his attention.