Carolyn Bryant’s First Son: Roy Bryant Jr.

Roy Bryant Jr. is the first son of Carolyn Bryant, a woman once charged with murder. Roy was named after his father, an ex-soldier who settled down with his wife and opened a small grocery store in Mississippi.

The Bryant couple were both convicted for the murder of one Emmett Till. 

Who is Roy Bryant Jr? 

Being the eldest child of his parents, Roy was a bit grown at the time his parents were being tried in court for the murder of Emmett Till. 

Roy is believed to be born in 1951, although details pertaining to his date and place of birth as well as other personal information were all sealed from reaching the press by the court. 

What was Roy Bryant Jr profession? 

Roy Jr served as an officer in the United States Air Force for a number of years. All other details about his career and other endeavors were withheld from the public for the purpose of their mother’s trial. 

Roy Bryant Jr Siblings 

The only sibling Roy Bryant Jr. has is his younger brother Lamar Bryant. They were the only children of the Bryant couple. 

Was Roy Bryant Jr. mother sent to jail? 

Till this day, no one has been pronounced guilty and sent to jail by the court for Emmett Till’s murder. The case remains unclear as the full story is still unknown. 

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