Seo Soo-Jin is a Korean singer, dancer and until late last year, a member of one of the country’s top All-female K-pop band. The 24 year old K-pop star was born and raised in South Korea so she speaks very fluent Korean but the same cannot be said about her English.

With their country’s official language being Korean, Soojin, like many other Korean stars, only speaks a little English. In fact, there are only a handful of K-pop stars who speak English very fluently.

Nevertheless, she has never been one to shy away from learning. Be it taekwando, dancing or singing, the former (G) Idle band member has always been open and eager to learn.

She told her fans and viewers in a V live last year that she was taking English lessons, and in subsequent lives when she tried to speak the language, she sounded better than before.


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