Cambodia travel insurance: Requirements, Process, and other facts

Travel insurance

Cambodia is an interesting destination for many reasons. The country sees an influx of travelers and tourists on a regular basis.

It is also one of the easiest countries to gain entrance to as a foreigner. 

But like every other country, Cambodia has some important requirements that visitors are supposed to meet before being granted entrance into the country. 

We will be exploring these requirements and a number of other important details that you will find useful as a traveler heading for Cambodia. 

Do you need travel insurance to go to Cambodia?

Cambodia is yet to join in on the rising norm of mandatory travel insurance for all travelers. 

As of now, not having travel insurance will not prevent the Cambodian government for granting you entrance into their country.

What they do require of travelers however is for them to show proof of their positive Covid-19 status. 

Cambodia is very strict on Covid protocols. Therefore, all travelers are mandated to show evidence of full vaccination or submit for a Covid test upon arrival into the country. 

That’s not all, travelers must also agree to a mandatory 7-day quarantine, after which another Covid test will be made to ensure that you are negative before being allowed into the country. 

Which company’s travel insurance is best?

The company with the overall best travel insurance policies is none other than Travelex Travel Insurance. The company has ranked top spot in its industry for several years. 

Travelex is known for its general excellence when it comes to insurance policies and competitive policy rates. 

How much is a travel insurance policy?

Travel insurance policies vary in terms of price and coverage. The cost of your insurance policy depends on three main factors. One is how much coverage you’re looking for, another is the duration of your trip, and finally the total cost of your nonrefundable trip’s cost. 

Travel insurance rates range from 4% to 12% of your trip’s total cost. And the value of your policy depends on whether you purchase a full coverage policy or a less sophisticated one. How long your trip will last is also another factor. 

Which travel insurance is the cheapest?

World Nomads Travel Insurance is a popularly acclaimed company to provide insurance policies at generous rates and prices.

Even their full coverage policies come at prices undefeated even by the top-ranked insurance companies across the globe. 

Is it best to buy travel insurance after booking a flight?

Yes. Travel insurance can be bought several days prior to your trip’s departure date. However, it is always best to purchase your travel insurance policy after you have actually made a financial commitment to the trip by booking a flight. 

This is the way it is usually done because then your insurance company will have all the relevant information needed to draft your insurance policy and give you the accurate total cost. 

What are the three types of travel insurance?

Travel insurance covers three major things during your trip: health treatments and emergencies, luggage loss or damage, and cancelation or interruption of the trip. Comprehensive travel insurance covers all three aspects. 

With health treatments, your insurance will cover all the bills for your medical care and drug prescriptions no matter how much they cost, provided the health complication in question is new and not preexisting. 

Your travel insurance again comes in when your luggage has been mishandled in any way leading to its damage, loss, or theft. Your insurance policy guarantees that you will be fully reimbursed for the damages. 

The last coverage is the one that also sees that clients are refunded the costs of their flight in case where they are delayed in any way or can’t make the trip due to a severe medical condition or news of the death of the traveler, their companion, or close relative.


Travelers are not required by Cambodian law to show any proof of their travel insurance before being allowed to enter the country. 

Travel insurance is fairly expensive, but you should remember that unplanned events may occur while you’re visiting a foreign country and it is only best to secure yourself by purchasing travel insurance. 

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