Caleb Coffee is a famous American social media influencer and content creator. His popularity stemmed from his features in his father, Jason Coffee’s social media videos since he was a very young boy. Eventually, he created his own pages and his fame rose higher from then.

What is Caleb Coffee’s net worth?

At 17, Caleb is currently estimated to be worth around one million dollars ($1M). His social media popularity is the sole source of his wealth. The young influencer has about 8 million active followers on Tik Tok alone.

By keeping his large internet family constantly entertained with his prank videos and other creative content, Caleb not only gains more followers and fame but also earns a lot of money for his contribution towards the growth of the Tik Tok community.

Following in the online footsteps of his father is going very well for the 17 year old star. Overtime, with the same consistency, Caleb will be making a lot more annually than he does currently.


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