Bruce Johnson Jr Cause of death: What happened?

Due of her prior aggressive behavior, Mary Johnson was about to file for divorce.


According to the Sheriff’s Office, a mother was charged with first-degree murder on July 12 in a shocking occurrence that has rocked New Mexico.

What was Bruce Johnson Jr Cause of death?


Johnson was reportedly sound asleep until he heard his son sobbing. He found Bruce Johnson Jr., his son, bleeding from knife wounds and comatose on a mattress.

He was rushed to the hospital, said the sources. According to the Sheriff’s Office, Mary was hospitalized for conscience puncture wounds to her breast but later made a full recovery. She was admitted to a hospital and is currently in critical condition, according to sources.

Johnson Jr. told a policeman that his mother had attacked him while he was still awake.

Johnson Jr. had been repeatedly slashed when his body was presumably brought to the Center of the Clinical Examiner.

The Prosecutor’s office claims that Johnson Sr. moved his son and his family from Oklahoma to Hobbs.

Soon after pleading with the family, she moved in with them.