Brock Turner, a former Stanford University student who was convicted of sexually assaulting Chanel Miller, rose to celebrity around the world.

Miller was being assaulted by Turner when two students intervened and restrained him until the cops came. Turner entered a not guilty plea to two counts of rape, two counts of felony assault, and one count of attempted rape.

The rape accusation was disproven due to a lack of DNA evidence. Brock, however, was convicted guilty of felony sexual assault and given a sentence of three years of probation and six months in jail.

After three months, Turner was granted parole owing to excellent behavior. His appeal against the verdict was rejected by a panel of three judges.

Turner is employed with a cooling technology company in his home state of Ohio as of 2021. Brock makes $12 per hour at his entry-level job, according to The Daily Mail. Turner drives a 2008 Chrysler and resides with his parents in Bellbrook, Ohio.

Where is Brock Turner now?

According to a source who spoke with The Daily Mail, Brock is a quiet person. The source claimed, “He worked in shipping and receiving and is now in quality control.”

Just over two years have passed since he joined our team. He’s very respectful and quiet. He isn’t particularly talkative and doesn’t speak much to people. He simply focuses on his work and keeps his head down.

Turner’s probation ended in 2019, but he will always be on the registry of sex offenders. Most analysts agreed that Turner deserved a more severe punishment than Aaron Persky gave him.

Turner may not have served as much time behind bars as some believed he should have, but his presence on the list of sex offenders will follow him around for the rest of his life.


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