When it comes to Brenda Fassie cause of death, fans are left scratching their heads. There are many theories floating around, including an asthma attack, cardiac arrest, or poisoning.

Her family and friends have yet to release any specific details, but there are a few things they do know about her. The fact remains that Brenda Fassie died in 2004, at the age of 39.

The artist had been an inspiring figure to many, and fans are still looking for the answer to their question.

Brenda Fassie Cause of Death

Although her autopsy revealed that she died of heart failure, there is a more likely cause. She was HIV positive. Aspirin and cocaine are often laced with rat poison.

It’s possible that the drugs frightened her. In any case, the cause of her death was a coma caused by a drug overdose.

Fassie died on 9 May 2004. Though doctors initially suspected an asthma attack as the cause of her death, new evidence suggests that Fassie was suffering from a drug overdose.

The singer was born in 1964. Her mother was an amateur pianist and named her after popular American country pop singer Brenda Lee.

At the age of four, she joined the Tiny Tots vocal group. At age 15, she became a celebrity in her hometown.

Local musicians praised her vocal ability and guided her to her mother’s house. The singer died of a drug overdose at age 22. It’s unknown whether Fassie was HIV positive or not.


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