Biography of CNN’s Rosemary Church


Rosemary Church is a prominent news anchor at CNN International. She works in Atlanta at the company’s world headquarters, anchoring CNN’s Newsroom. She was previously a newsreader and reporter for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Before joining CNN, Church had a varied career in journalism. Her first job was as a journalist for the Australian Broadcasting Commission. Her talent for news reporting has led to her position as an anchor.

Since joining CNN in 1998, Church has anchored several major world events and interviewed a wide range of newsmakers. She has been a vital part of the coverage of the summit between U.S. President Trump and the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. She has also covered the devastating earthquake in Japan and the Israel-Hezbollah conflict. Despite her diverse work experience, Church continues to be an important part of CNN.


Church joined CNN in 1998 and has become an important part of the news organization’s reporting. She has interviewed many newsmakers and announced the death of Osama bin Laden, as well as reported on the quake in Japan. She has interviewed many newsmakers and has covered many major events from around the world. While her work at CNN is not without its challenges, it has also been rewarding.

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