Biography of CNN’s Maria Cardona


Born in Columbia, Maria Cardona has contributed significantly to the community and the field of public affairs. She has earned several awards and has been a key player in the Dewey Square Group, which is a nonprofit organization that advocates for the Latino community. In addition to her career as a TV personality, Cardona has also been active in her community and is a board member for several nonprofit organizations.

Born in Bogota, Colombia, Maria Cardona spent her early years in the United States before settling in Leesburg, Florida. She is fluent in Spanish, and has been working in the field ever since. Her background as a public affairs activist is extensive. She served as a senior adviser to Hillary Clinton during her presidential campaign, and was also a key surrogate for the Obama for America campaign.


She is a well-rounded political commentator and public affairs strategist with two decades of experience. She serves as Co-Chair of inSPIRE STEM USA, an initiative aimed at addressing the crisis of high-skilled jobs in the U.S., and is the Principal at Dewey Square Group where she heads their Public Affairs Practice. Her work blends traditional media with new media, enabling her to reach a wide audience and create change.

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