Biography of CNN’s Kim Brunhuber


The biographical details of CNN’s Kim Brunhuber show that she is an ardent Arsenal fan, and has lived in London and Paris. In addition to working for CNN, Brunhuber is a freelance reporter who has traveled around the world, covering human rights issues such as female genital mutilation and the country’s general election. Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million dollars as of 2020.

The career of Kim Brunhuber began in the 1990s as a journalist for CBC radio, where he worked as a senior correspondent and later as the head of CNN’s Los Angeles bureau. During her time with CBC, Brunhuber covered major international and U.S. news stories, including the death of Nelson Mandela. She also covered major shootings and has received a National Press Club Award for her coverage of the 2017 Southern California fires.


In 2001, Brunhuber earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Carleton University and a Master’s degree in Journalism from McGill University. She has a fluent command of French, Spanish, and English and is a strong advocate for social justice. She has over 58,000 followers on Twitter, where she often posts pictures of her work. She is a proud father of a son named Amari Brunhuber.

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