Biography of CNN’s Gloria Borger

CNN’s chief political analyst, Gloria Anne Borger, is an American political pundit and columnist. Since joining the network in 2007, she has appeared on a number of programs and shows. You may have already heard her on the news, but do you know what she does in her spare time? Read on to learn more about Borger and her career. Here is her biography: She joined the network in 2007.

Before joining CNN in 2009, Borger worked for CBS News as a national political correspondent. She also co-anchored the acclaimed CNN election night coverage of the 2012 presidential campaign. In 2010, she was a co-anchor for CNBC’s Capital Report, and in 2008, she co-authored the bestselling book Federal Triangle. She has also appeared on Face the Nation and 60 Minutes II. She is a highly regarded journalist, making over $200 million a year.

After her time at CBS, Gloria Borger became the chief political analyst for CNN. She appeared regularly on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, AC360, and her own primetime shows. She began her career as a reporter for The Washington Star, where she co-authored the daily serial “Federal Triangle” which was published as a book. While at CNN, she also appeared on CBS’s Face the Nation and 60 Minutes II.