Biography of CNN’s Carol Costello


Carol Costello is a former television news anchor who starred on CNN’s Newsroom. She left CNN in 2017 to join its sister network HLN, which is based in Los Angeles. In October 2018, the Los Angeles-based network announced her departure, and her last broadcast aired on October 26. This biography will focus on her career. This is a good place to start if you are a fan of the network’s news reports.

Before joining CNN in 2004, Costello lived in Atlanta, Georgia. While at CNN, she worked in the New York City bureau. She covered Hurricane Katrina for the news network, and then joined CNN’s Hurricane Katrina team. She later went on to cover the 2008 presidential election, the Virginia Tech shooting, Barack Obama’s inauguration, the Casey Anthony trial, and the coal ash problem. Her work at CNN has made her an award-winning journalist.


After leaving CNN, Carol Costello was still working for the network, though her position as an anchor has been eliminated. She thanked viewers for giving her so much free time and making her job easier. Upon her departure, she moved to Los Angeles to be with her husband. After her retirement, she said goodbye to her CNN family, thanking them for the opportunity to be part of her life. A biographer of CNN’s Carol Costello will appreciate her professional and personal accomplishments.

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