As the drama unfolds, BBTitans season 1 Ziyakhala Wahala is becoming interesting to watch.

With one week already spent in the house, a lot of things have happened.

One of the events that stirred up viewers was Khosi and yemi ‘s relationship.

It obvious, Yemi and Khosi were the first housemates to fall in love.

However, as their relationship began to grow, Khosi started to wory about her boyfriend outside the house.

Does Khosi have a boyfriend outside BBTitans house?

She confessed to this during her conversation with Juicy Jay on Thursday, Day 4 of the show, when Juicy asked her about the thing she has with Yemi in the Biggie’s House.

Khosi said she should have told Yemi much about her relationship outside the House, adding that her dumbest decision in the House is to fall in love like that.
Khosi prayed that her relationship in the Biggie’s House with Yemi doesn’t cost her the boyfriend.

However, Juicy Jay advised Khosi not to worry because when she gets outside the House, she’s going to get attention from lots of people.

Khosi and Juicy jay conversation

Khosi: “Its awkward taking the relationship outside the House”.
Juicy Jay: (Laughs)

Khosi: “I’m not saying it’s not right but imagine me having Yemi in my couch”.
Juicy Jay: “You feel like it would be weird?”
Khosi: Yeah

Juicy Jay: Don’t worry when you get outside, you’ll get attention from lots of people”.

Khosi: “You were right, I should have told Yemi I have 5 brothers, I was shocked like how did we get to break up”.

Juicy Jay: “So he broke up with you. I heard him call you baby”.
Khosi: “He calls me baby, sometimes wifey”.

Juicy Jay: “Is this how you take break up, just cool?”
Khosi: “No he’s joking”.

Khosi: “I think he’s just a typical Lagos boy. When she said he was born and raised in Lagos, I was like okay”.

Juicy Jay: “Is he your type?”

Khosi: -+“No I’ve not dated one that looks like him”.

Juicy Jay: You’re gonna play along and see where it goes”.

Khosi: “Yeah that’s the plan, I like his company, I want that”.

Khosi: “I hope being with Yemi doesn’t cost me a lot”.

Juicy Jay: “What are you worried about?”

Khosi: “My boyfriend. This is absolutely the dumbest decision I’ve taken. The funniest thing is my boyfriend is the one taking care of everything while I’m here”

Juicy Jay: “You like danger”.


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