Bam Margera Missing: Where is the Popular American skateboarder?

Police are looking for Bam Margera, who escaped from a Florida rehab facility where he was not allowed to leave… TMZ has discovered.

The manager of the rehab facility reported the ‘Jackass’ star missing on Monday, according to a Delray Beach police report. According to the manager, Bam told him he was unhappy with the place and their services, and that he was leaving, which he did.

According to the report, Bam told the manager that he’d be checking himself into a different rehab center in the area instead of staying there, and then left the premises in a black sedan.

Bam was there under a court order, according to the manager, and the staff was concerned that he was leaving without permission.

Bam, in any case, did not appear to be a threat to himself or others, according to the staff. Cops went looking for him that day, but they came up empty-handed so far.

According to sources close to Bam, he was currently residing in a sober living facility and had recently gotten into a fight with his wife. We’re told he had a problem with the facility’s restrictions and left on the spur of the moment.

Bam broke his wrist and elbow in a skateboarding accident last month, and he blamed the facility for failing to schedule his physical therapy appointments.

Bam had recently completed a year of treatment for his substance abuse issues and was doing well, as we previously reported.

Friends and family are currently working to get him back to the facility and back on track, according to our sources.

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