In 2005, Letourneau and Fualaau married and their children were flower girls in the ceremony. While Letourneau served a prison sentence, she and Fualaau continued to live together. The two regularly went on dates and spent weekends together. When the relationship started to deteriorate, the couple tried to get back together but ended up separating in February of last year.

While Letourneau was in jail, she pleaded guilty to rape. She received a reduced sentence after pleading guilty to the crime. During her time in prison, she and Fualaau had an affair. They also had sex in a car. When Letourneau got out, she was sentenced to a seven-year prison sentence. After completing her prison term, Letourneau gave birth to her second child. The couple has two daughters together and have a history of scandal.

After Mary Kay Letourneau’s death, Vili Fualaau appeared on the Dr. Oz Show and described his late wife as his best friend. He also revealed that he would have sought help if he was attracted to a minor, but never dreamed he would fall in love with someone twenty years older. A source added that his relationship with Letourneau gave him a new perspective on life after the breakup.

In July of this year, Letourneau and Fualaau split for the second time. While the couple was still together, they did not have any children together. Fualaau filed a petition for divorce and Letourneau replied to get it dismissed. In August of that year, the two reconciled. However, their marriage ended in February of 2021.


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