Are Kanye West and Jeffree Star together? These questions will be answered in this article, which is updated throughout.

While Jeffree Star has denied dating Kanye West, it’s still hard to say. The two share a gated community in Wyoming and live together with some relationship issues.

Whether they are together or not is still a mystery, but their relationship certainly seems serious.

Jeffree Star denies dating Kanye West

Despite reports that she is dating the rapper, Jeffree Star has denied dating Kanye West. In an interview with Denny Directo, Star said the rumors are completely untrue. She also denied dating the singer. While the two have been linked since they both work with the same organization, TheOD Foundation, Star defended herself by saying the rumors were false. She said that she did not have any bad blood with Kim Kardashian.

Ava Louise started the rumors, but later apologized. “She was under a cease and desist letter from Kris Jenner,” she said. “She didn’t know that I was dating someone else. She just started a rumor,” Ava told the publication. Star also told the outlet that she does not know the rapper. Despite the rumors, Star has been busy building a successful cosmetics brand and has 16.4 million subscribers on YouTube.

Kanye West and Jeffree live in the same gated community in Wyoming

Amid rumors of the two celebrities living together, they have now sold the Hidden Hills mansion. The rumor mill has been swirling about the two men’s new homes for some time now, and now they’re moving to a sprawling Wyoming home, where Jeffree Star lives. The new house is said to be eight bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, and 4,700 square feet, and was purchased for $14 million.

According to reports, Kanye and Jeffree Star live together in a Wyoming gated community. The pair are reportedly in a relationship, and Jeffree dated the famous rapper.

The couple reportedly signed a special agreement that prohibits them from talking about their relationship publicly.

The couple’s home is reportedly located in the same community, and they have a common gate. Jeffree is a model, and he is an entrepreneur.

Kanye West and Jeffree Are no dating

The back and forth between Kanye West and Kim Kardashian has caused many to wonder if the couple has relationship problems. Kim Kardashian filed a complaint against Kanye after he misrepresented their issues with co-parenting on social media.

Whether or not this is true remains to be seen, but the Kardashians are clearly looking to move on. The back and forth has been exhausting for both parties, including Kim Kardashian. Kanye’s relationship with Kim Kardashian has been incredibly upsetting for all involved.

There have been many rumors about Jeffree and Kanye’s relationship, but the reality is that both parties have been quick to deny any romance.

Jeffree Star even made a YouTube video to deny the rumors. However, there is no evidence to support Jeffree’s version of events. According to a source close to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, there is no truth to the rumors.


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