Are DMX and Eminem friends?

The beef between Eminem and Ja-rule began when Ja-rule released a diss track titled “Loose Change.” Loose change was primarily interested in Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, and Shady/Aftermath records.

However, when the beat is cut at the end of the song, Ja-rule takes shots at Eminem, questioning how Hailey will turn out, given that Debbie is a crackhead and Kim is a slut.

Eminem and the boys (D-12) respond with “Do rae me,” a diss track. The lyric content and delivery send chills down Ja-spine rule’s and the spine of the entire Murder Inc.

Most industry observers believe Ja made the wrong decision in going after Eminem. As a result, his record sales plummet, and his once promising and illustrious rap career takes a hit.