Are Bad Bunny and Rosalia dating?


On February 20, pop superstar Rosala and Latino crooner Bad Bunny tore up the SNL stage together, but despite the sultry performance, the two are not dating. His real name is Benito Martnez Ocasio.

Model Gabriela Berlingeri is the rapper’s girlfriend. In 2017, the musician and the other person met at a dinner with his father and brother in Puerto Rico. According to Bad Bunny, 26, “they’ve been dating ever since” that encounter.


The dynamic duo sparked engagement rumors in August 2020 when Gabriela was photographed wearing a sizable diamond ring on that finger.

A few months later, in October, her boyfriend was spotted in Los Angeles while shooting a commercial wearing what appeared to be a wedding band.


Bad Bunny clarified that he would not be getting married or engaged in November 2020, though. He told ET, “No, I’m not that married,” before suggesting that he might be engaged. “Perhaps that is the case. But I believe that getting married and attending weddings scare me. A lot.”

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