Are Bad Bunny and J Balvin friends?


Balvin and Bad Bunny are friends and collaborators despite the fact that their artistic philosophies occasionally diverge. They jointly released “Oasis,” an album in the vein of “Watch the Throne,” last year.

It was a mixed bag, heavy on the soft-punch production and especially lacking in the energy of Bad Bunny. It reminded me of seeing a racecar snarled up in midtown traffic.


Bad Bunny returns to genuinely radical fifth-gear pop on the album “YHLQMDLG,” almost entirely within the parameters of reggaeton then and now. The song “Bichiyal” is trendy, like Balvin.

With its pleasantly loping beat, “Ignorantes,” which features Sech, pairs well with the Panamanian singer’s 2019 hit “Otro Trago.”


For a powerful duet on “Puesto Pa’ Guerrial,” Bad Bunny joins forces with the rising star Myke Towers. (Towers recently released “Easy Money Baby,” a promising reggaeton and hip-hop mashup, his second and best album.)

And “Hablamos Maanafinal “‘s crescendo of hard-rock guitars reveals that Bad Bunny is still winking at the world outside reggaeton’s doors.

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