Archie Battersbee accident


Archie Battersbee is a 12 years old Boy who has suffered brain damage and is currently on admission at Royal London Hospital.

It is believed that Archie Battersbee is dead. But the mother of Archie Battersbee, Hollie Dance is in contention that her son is still alive and that the life support treatment should not be taken off him.


Miss Dance said Archie was “stable” in a Facebook post on Saturday. “I apologize for being a bit distant,” she wrote. “I’m broken, but I won’t give up.” This morning, Arch is stable.”

A high court judge, Mrs Justice Arbuthnot concluded late Friday that a brain-stem test should be carried out to determine whether Archie Battersbee is alive or dead.


The brain-stem test would be in Archie Battersbee’s best interest since it is responsible for the functions which kept people alive.

Archie Battersbee accident

Hollie Dance, the mother of Archie Battersbee recount the the accident;

We’d had a wonderful afternoon, and I was relaxing in my room when Archie entered with this bag and a sly grin on his face.

He was going to tease me because that’s how he is, always on the go.’He offered me a sweet, but I could see he was carrying our pet rabbit, Simian.’

‘I shared a laugh with him and told him to return the rabbit.’ I sent a couple of texts after he left my room.’

After a few minutes, I noticed he was quiet, but I wasn’t concerned; he’s 12 and doesn’t require my constant supervision in the house.

‘I came out my room and called him and that’s when I saw the rabbit.’When I got closer I could also see Archie was hanging there.

‘I tried to untangle the cord and lower him, but he was too heavy for me to lift him and undo the knot.’

‘I couldn’t get it off, but I could move it away from his neck, so I relieved the pressure and dashed into the street to scream for help.

I returned to Archie and successfully snapped the cord.’When Archie fell to the floor, I screamed and panicked.

Joe, a neighbor, came over and called an ambulance, taking over CPR until help arrived.’

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