Anjali Rao Biography


Anjali Rao Biography is an interesting look at her life and career. She is an Indian actress who has acted in Malayalam, Tamil, and Telugu films. Apart from acting in films, Anjali has also worked in short films, ad films, and television serials. Although she started out as a supporting actress, she soon moved up to lead roles in Vanmam and Vanyaad.

Anjali Rao began her career on television in Hong Kong, where she presented her show live to the world. She later went to Australia, where she continued her education. Upon returning to the United Kingdom, she was appointed to host the morning show on CNN International. She also hosted the celebrity talk show Talk Asia. Her biography tells us that she divorced her husband Matt Wilkinson, who died in 2008. Anjali Rao was the youngest anchor to win the award at the Amnesty International Human Rights Press Awards in 2004.


The actress was born in Bathinda, Punjab. She attended army schools before pursuing her schooling in Chennai. After finishing her studies, Anjali Rao began modelling. She worked in commercials and was a star in many commercials. Her debut in the Tamil film industry was in a supporting role, and she later moved into the leading role. A few years later, she became famous for her work on Channel 5 News.

Anjali Rao’s career as an anchor has made her a well-known global figure. She gained international fame as a CNN correspondent. She has also worked for Sky News UK and Channel Five. Anjali Rao joined CNN International in 2006, but left in 2012 due to a conflict of interest. During this time, she hosted the breakfast show on CNN and the celebrity talk show on CNN.


Anjali Rao was born in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. Her father was a doctor, while her mother was an engineer. Both of them were educated in London. Anjali Rao was awarded the Best Current Presenter at the Asian Television Awards. She is a multi-tasking woman who has been in a career for more than a decade. She has a busy schedule and is known to be a dedicated and successful mom to her children.

Anjali Rao started her career at CNN. In 2005, she was a principal anchor on Star TV and won the “Best News Anchor” award at the 2004 Amnesty international Human Rights Press Awards. In 2006, she joined CNN international. She left her job at CNN in 2012. After a year and a half, she was appointed to host a celebrity talk show on CNN’s Australia affiliate, Talk Asia.

Anjali Rao is an actress and news presenter who co-presents the popular TV show, World News Asia, with Andrew Stevens. After working for Sky, Anjali Rao has covered several major stories in the last decade. She is a native of Hong Kong and was educated in the UK. Her biography is an excellent read for anyone interested in her career. You can find out about her achievements at her official website.

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