Andy Jassy siblings: Meet Kathy Savitt

Andy Jassy is a well-known name in the business world, especially after taking over as the CEO of Amazon from Jeff Bezos.

However, not many people know about his family or siblings.

Who is Kathy Savitt?

Kathy Savitt is the younger sister of Andy Jassy, born and raised in Scarsdale, New York.

She graduated from Cornell University with a degree in government and later earned a Master’s degree in Communications from Stanford University.

Kathy is a talented marketer and executive, with extensive experience in the media and technology industries.

Kathy Savitt has had a long and impressive career in marketing and technology. She began her career at Nightline, where she worked as a producer.

She later joined Amazon in 2002, where she served as Vice President of Strategic Communications, and later as Vice President of Global Corporate Communications and Marketing.

She was instrumental in the company’s growth and played a key role in the development of Amazon’s Kindle.

In 2009, Kathy left Amazon to join social commerce start-up Lockerz as CEO.

Under her leadership, the company grew rapidly, attracting over 45 million members worldwide.

She later served as the Chief Marketing Officer of Yahoo, where she helped turn around the struggling company’s image and increase user engagement.

After leaving Yahoo, Kathy founded the media and technology company Perch, which she led as CEO until its acquisition by Vengo in 2017.

Kathy Savitt and Andy Jassy share a close relationship, both as siblings and as colleagues.

Their relationship goes back to their childhood, where they grew up in a close-knit family.

In an interview, Kathy revealed that she and Andy often discussed business and bounced ideas off each other.

Their professional relationship is also well-known, as they both worked at Amazon in senior positions.

Kathy was a key player in Amazon’s success, and her expertise in marketing and communication has undoubtedly influenced Andy’s leadership style.

In an interview with Fortune, Andy praised his sister’s work and said that he admired her “ability to bring people together and inspire them to achieve great things.”

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