Who is Amy Schneider Wife?

Is Amy Schneider Married?

Amy Schneider is an American Engineering manager currently known to be a contestant on the quiz tv show Jeopardy!. She immediately gained a lot of recognition for being one of the few trans persons to be on the show.

Amy Schneider’s age is 37 as of 2021, where she was born on May 29, 1984. When she was 20 years old, she married Keely Anneken in 2004. Keely’s age might fall in the range between 35-40 years.

However, Keely’s exact date of birth is still under research, which makes little hard to compare their age differences.

She has maintained a great streak and has been standing strong as competition for other contestants.

Amy Schneider Wife

From our findings, Amy Schneider is currently not married, however, she was married to Keely Anneken in the past.

Amy Schneider was married to Keely Anneken, who is a woman. However, she was in a marital relationship with Keely Anneken before transitioning.

According to multiple sources, their marital relationship ended with divorce; however, she has mentioned that they are still friends.

Amy Schneider Wife

$61,800! 🎉That’s Amy Schneider’s new personal best for single-day earnings! And she’s now 5th in highest winnings (regular-season play)! pic.twitter.com/N0tYccx3vD

— Jeopardy! (@Jeopardy) December 3, 2021

One thing I should clear up, the “engineering” in my job title refers to software engineering. Please don’t ask me to build anything, it won’t go well lol https://t.co/LkG4JTIzur

— Amy Schneider (@Jeopardamy) December 13, 2021

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